The Promise and the Threat

This came to me while I was contemplating a situation in my life where I was struggling to understand why I sometimes 'worry' over things I have surrendered to God. This is where a lot of us fall and stay down for a long time, unless we become enlightened inside of us to pick ourselves up by our believe and in the God we have placed our trust in.

Because of the way the world is and how we have seen/heard about how people treat each other, the wickedness we see and hear or even experienced, have led us to be quick in our respond to a threat than a promise. This is not because we do not 'know' that God is always willing to rescue us when we call on him, but because we have failed to separate the size of the problem, who is responsible for it and the ability of God.

The human nature is "naturally" wicked and full of revenge and spite thereby offering a fertile ground for unbelief, doubt, fear and worry. because when you have been bad towards someone else its only natural to expect the same. So we are constantly battling the notion of "to be kind or not be kind", "to forgive or not to forgive", to love or not to love". 

Life has so conditioned us to problems that we will often believe a threat more than a promise.
Difference here is the parties involved. Would you be more concerned about the threat of the devil or to believe the promises of God for your life?

If we are truly repentant of our sins and are on the path of righteousness striving everyday to be better, kinder and more forgiving. And even when we are not any of these things, yet we know in our hearts that we want to be and will run back when we realize that we have veered of track, slowly we begin to build our trust in God, because each time we call for help and ask for forgiveness, He is always there to pick us up and put us back on the right track.

When we are in the middle of a storm, at the end of our rope, faced with challenges beyond our ability and control, it is right there that our faith is put to the test and we are faced with the decision to chose who to believe. Do we believe in the promises of God who proven himself over and over again at different stages of our life or do we believe the threat that our present circumstances may be presenting.

If God respects his words more than His Holy name, and he has vowed to be with us in times of trouble, to rescue us from those that are stronger than us and fight all our battles, what is the source of your doubt? Do we doubt because we do not believe that God is able or we doubt because we unable to separate 'man from God' , 'the enemy and the circumstances we may be facing , or our faith versus our reality? 

This is where the battle ground, the enemy will remind you of the possibility of a disappointment, the sin you may have committed, therefore making you feel unworthy or disqualified to receive from God. These are all his antics to force you off the path of faith.  he will try to turn your eyes away from God who is able to provide a solution to your problem, and convince you to focus on the problem which you can do nothing about.

Doubt cripples our faith and delays our victory. I want to encourage you, (myself included), that God is able, and if we only believe in Him without a shadow of doubt, he is willing and will pull us out of every mess we may find ourselves in right now.
Crying wont solve it even though it may give some sort of temporary relief, worrying will only make matters worse, fear will build anxiety and the Bible says we should be anxious for nothing. Do not fear, hold on to your faith and trust that God has a good plan for your life regardless of how things maybe right now.

Looking back now, there are so many things I would have done differently if I knew some of the things I know now, but in all things God says we should give thanks.

Do not let the threat of your circumstance rob you of the promises of God in your life.

Keep on fighting the good fight of faith and God who is able to do the impossible will reach down right where you are and pull you out of that situation.

For if God be for us, who can be against us?


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