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Speak life into your situation. There is power in your words. Believe that God is always there to guide and protect us.

Before IT WAS, Now IT IS: Dealing with sudden unexpected changes in life.

I often have to scream this in my head when I find myself sulking and refusing to deal with the realities life presents, or when i'm just stuck in the ' Lord why me?' choke-hold expecting an immediate, audible response from God, that sometimes we don't hear, maybe because we did not listen or the words are drowned from the constant noise of our ever energetic thoughts.
In my short time on earth, I've had my fair share of troubles, struggles, losses, regrets, you name it. And through all this, one things has been a constant; somehow I always make it through. It may take a while, a few tears and prayers, the silent head vs heart tug of war, but God always pulls me through. Through all of this, I have only become stronger and wiser.
Before I discovered that I enjoyed writing, I always struggled with trying to figure out who I was and what my purpose was on earth. It haunted me day and night, it felt like a plague, a disease, something th…


The day began like every other, with a slow ease into the responsibilities that accompanies each day; from personal routine to my desk facing my laptop. As usual, I began with checking my mails and easing into the office task that lies ahead; a pattern I have gotten all too used to over time. While taking my break, I decide to include a photo on my blog profile so I took a photo of myself; like I usually do, I took a couple of them so I could choose the best one … you know, right angle, good lighting etc (women, we all do this). Anyways, so I finally narrow down to one and I upload it in my blog profile.
I do this almost unconsciously as I kept looking at the photo still open on my Laptop, I caught myself starring  at it blankly, like in a trance; my thoughts must have gotten the best of me, because I began to have flashbacks. You know the glossy screen images of your life filled with subtle smiles and some element of wonder.


I thought of writing about something brilliant, something very convincing; a topic that will address a multitude of concerns and unanswered questions... Nothing came to mind, not that there aren't obvious struggles like financial issues, self confidence, loving who you are and how God created you etc. All these are very deep issues that is worth writing about.
But then I realized that 'gratefulness' did not top that list; this really opened my eyes to see how easily we can forget to show gratitude, it cost us nothing... we just don't remember often enough to just say 'Thank you Lord for all that you have given me'.
Trust me, I was a chronic whiner once upon a time... all i could see were the things i did not have, praying a one directional prayer of, ' I want.... I need... Give me... We do this things most time unconsciously, or as I like to say it; we let our selfish side take the drivers seat.


You are FREE
You are UNIQUE
You are ENOUGH
 Be You!

wait in quiet solitude while working continuously to achieve your dreams
Listen patiently and respond rationally