I thought of writing about something brilliant, something very convincing; a topic that will address a multitude of concerns and unanswered questions...
Nothing came to mind, not that there aren't obvious struggles like financial issues, self confidence, loving who you are and how God created you etc. All these are very deep issues that is worth writing about.

But then I realized that 'gratefulness' did not top that list; this really opened my eyes to see how easily we can forget to show gratitude, it cost us nothing... we just don't remember often enough to just say 'Thank you Lord for all that you have given me'.

Trust me, I was a chronic whiner once upon a time... all i could see were the things i did not have, praying a one directional prayer of, ' I want.... I need... Give me...
We do this things most time unconsciously, or as I like to say it; we let our selfish side take the drivers seat.

Sincere gratitude even in the midst of chaos can be all the prayer you need to get you out of that situation and give you peace. This may not sound like what you are used to, but I tell you, it works.

I will use my husband as an example, He has been working in the banking industry as a marketer for years, and as we all know, promotion is directly proportional to the amount you bring into the bank.

My husband is hardworking, he puts his heart into his work, I've seen him on days when he is totally beat down, stressed and sometimes falls ill, yet he still goes on.
Last year, we began praying to God for financial freedom, you know, we all want to ascend to the next level in life. 

We prayed for a few months, having faith in God for a promotion and believing that He can and will turn things around in our lives. To cut this short, I recall when my husband got a call by 8:45 pm on December 31, 2013. 
I saw him smiling and saying " thank you"... wow! thank you. I was curious, so i asked him what was going on, he said he had just gotten a promotion.

I was ecstatic, I began to give thanks ... it felt like a miracle, It was a miracle... because it came just in time when we needed it most.

Later on after the excitement had stabilized and we were just have a friendly couples banter, he mentioned that during the course of work the morning he received his promotion, he was having a conversation with one of his senior colleagues,and he was just expressing gratitude to God for all that He has done and he was just blessed that he had a job ... 

Then it hit me, God knows what you need. He is Aware of your desires and needs. If we could just acknowledge Him for all he has done without reservation. Simple, honest gratitude... that spurs God into action. This is not saying that you should not pray, please do. But above all, be grateful constantly... When God sees your heart of gratitude, he is compelled to give you more (I believe)

So please, take time out to say 'Thank you', you  may not have all you need yet, but there is hope.
Through prayer, supplication and thanks giving make your request known to God.

Yours Truly


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