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The Power of Prayer

Hello Good People, I have been away for too long (Life happened). I hope we are all putting in the work, and believing for great results :)This post is for those that need some kind of re-assurance or re-confirmation that God hears our prayers first of all and that He also answers them. Maybe some of you are like me, I tend to pray alot about the things going on in my life. It can be a decision I want to take or a need that I want met. For me, prayer is a direct line to God; you never get the busy tone, it's always free! I am convinced that our prayers are very powerful, the words we speak have power and when we tell them to a powerful God through the powerful name of his powerful son it definitely invokes and
maninfests in/with power.Do you get the picture?  So when you do pray, be aware of the force that is being generated and the power that it carries. So incase you sometimes wonder if your prayers are enough, or if it's heard. I'm re-assuring you that it is. And this …