Sunday, October 16, 2016

Overcoming Fear

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I am going to be honest and say that I've had moments when I was so afraid and completely worried and unsure of where my life was headed and how I was going to survive. Fear was slowly becoming part of the worry sequence I had unconsciously allowed into my life. 

The thing with fear is that, it stems from the logical part of our human reasoning. You know when things are out of your control and you are at the mercy of the possibility of the situation getting worse and you have no clue how you will survive. We are designed to survive, this means we are equipped with the ability to find ways to solve problems that are tugging at our joy and peace, and when we are unable to do this (naturally), the enemy takes advantage of our ignorance (lack of spiritual knowledge) and triggers fear and it all goes down from there if not intercepted by the word of God.

I remember being stuck with thinking about all the things that could go wrong during a very difficult time in my life, and how things may go wrong in the most worst way possible, I need not say that my anxiety level skyrocketed further fueling the fear that was slowly taking root in my life. I knew the word of God, I was aware of some of His promises and for the most part I thought I believed in Him,

You see, we can be Christians, regular church goers, even workers in the church and still do not really know or understand the God that we so often proclaim and all the things He can and has done.

I remember vividly on one occasion during a very challenging and turbulent time in my life, I knew there was something wrong, I prayed, I sang songs of praise and worship and even fasted. All this I did because these are the things you are 'Supposed' to do when you are faced with tough situations as a Christian. Little did I know that God already had everything sorted out and was just waiting for me to believe in Him, I remember crying to God and telling Him that I was so confused and didn't know what else to do, I will never forget the response I got " You say you have faith, yet you don't believe".

Saturday, October 8, 2016

The principles of TIME

Many times we believe that when things go wrong and has probably gone pass the timing for the possibility of restoration and intervention that it means it could no longer be salvaged or rescued. This may be ill health, broken relationships,missed opportunities etc. 
This could not be further away from the truth,because timing is one thing that I believe is divine and can be re-arranged for our benefit once we know how to apply the principles of time.

Time is a beautiful thing,because it keeps records, creates multiple chances, inspires hope and presents opportunities. So it allows you to look back, re-live moments, try again and have expectations. I love it!

Let me bring this closer to home. You may be faced with a problem or challenge that you were not prepared for or have never experienced therefore unable to respond adequately to or know the details of how to deal with it. This may leave you lost and confused for a while. Do not fret, you are only doing what you know how to do given your knowledge of the situation and your understanding of the circumstances surrounding the situation. For some, this may be as serious as a legal case,terminal illness or as fragile as a broken relationship/marriage. Every problem has an expiration date, sooner or later everything will work out. some may end as expected, others may end with a lesson, either way, we leave equipped with new knowledge and better prepared to survive/overcome.

Life takes us on a journey of discoveries and lessons all categorized within different times and stages in our life. I have come to understand that our life is doing what it is supposed to do whether we are ready for it or not and time is there to make sure of it. Nothing that happens to us is without redemption and opportunities to resolve and live better afterwards.