Overcoming Fear

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I am going to be honest and say that I've had moments when I was so afraid and completely worried and unsure of where my life was headed and how I was going to survive. Fear was slowly becoming part of the worry sequence I had unconsciously allowed into my life. 

The thing with fear is that, it stems from the logical part of our human reasoning. You know when things are out of your control and you are at the mercy of the possibility of the situation getting worse and you have no clue how you will survive. We are designed to survive, this means we are equipped with the ability to find ways to solve problems that are tugging at our joy and peace, and when we are unable to do this (naturally), the enemy takes advantage of our ignorance (lack of spiritual knowledge) and triggers fear and it all goes down from there if not intercepted by the word of God.

I remember being stuck with thinking about all the things that could go wrong during a very difficult time in my life, and how things may go wrong in the most worst way possible, I need not say that my anxiety level skyrocketed further fueling the fear that was slowly taking root in my life. I knew the word of God, I was aware of some of His promises and for the most part I thought I believed in Him,

You see, we can be Christians, regular church goers, even workers in the church and still do not really know or understand the God that we so often proclaim and all the things He can and has done.

I remember vividly on one occasion during a very challenging and turbulent time in my life, I knew there was something wrong, I prayed, I sang songs of praise and worship and even fasted. All this I did because these are the things you are 'Supposed' to do when you are faced with tough situations as a Christian. Little did I know that God already had everything sorted out and was just waiting for me to believe in Him, I remember crying to God and telling Him that I was so confused and didn't know what else to do, I will never forget the response I got " You say you have faith, yet you don't believe".
I immediately began asking for forgiveness and praying that God should help me believe. Up until that time, it never occurred to me that though I had done all the routine things that we are supposed to do in expectation of Gods intervention in the matter, I still had to support my actions with faith and truly believe that He (God) can and will do what He has promised which is that, He will never leave nor forsake us and that He will always be with us in times of trouble.

I write this post to testify to the glory of God, that immediately, I released that fear, that anxiety that thought that kept holding me back, the silent doubt at the back of my mind. I felt so much peace and quiet in my spirit. Words cannot express this peace, and true to His word. God brought me out of that situation and looking back now, I am so grateful that He stepped in when my faith could no longer carry me and was my help when I needed him most. Every now and then, the enemy tries to take me back to that place, but I challenge that thought with the testimony of what God has done for me over and over again, and I work from there till God completes His work concerning that particular challenge. Its a push and pull situation, but once we can subject our minds to be in obedience to the word of God, it becomes less challenging in subsequent situations where we may need to resist the temptation of being afraid.

I do not know the struggles you may be facing or the challenges you may be going through right now. I want to encourage you to totally and completely hand it over to God, trusting Him to do what He alone can do. Get rid of fear and anxiety. Remove doubt from you mind. If you find yourself struggling with any of these limitations, sincerely open up to God and ask Him for help, and believe me he will meet you right where you are.

He knows we are not perfect, He only wants us to open up to Him and invite Him in. I guarantee you that no matter how difficult the situation is, when God steps in, that will be the right time.

So I am telling you now, release all your cares, whatever it is, trust in God and DO NOT BE AFRAID.


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