Overcoming the fight in your HEAD

This post may not resonate with everyone, though I pray it speaks to as many people that read it. I understand that we all have different understandings and believe systems. But! I believe this cuts across all that as this is a common denominator in our lives.
This post may be 'deep' for some, and enlightening for others if you fall in the bracket of the former, it is my prayer that God will give you understanding in your heart as you read.


We are under ATTACK. No matter how blessed and successful we are, we are being attacked or about to be attacked.We are in a HEAD fight with the devil, We must attack him with what we "KNOW" . Your head will lead you where your heart will not take you. Your head is the center of your existence, how you relate to people around you and things in your life, so it is very important to protect your head.

 The enemy is fighting you over the control of your mind (life), Everything that he does, every form of attack is a battle for control. When the enemy gets ready to attack you, he is going to go after your HEAD, When the brain is dead, the heart cannot help you. But the brain can save the heart. (Put on the helmet of Salvation).

The enemy is fighting you over what you KNOW. This is no time to loose your head. Every battle that we fight, starts and ends in our HEAD.The enemy will do everything to keep your head in a cloudy state, keep your mind all tied up, keep your emotions governing your head to a point where you cannot even think a clear thought.

Let me bring this closer. Here is a typical scenario of how we can recognize when we are under attack.

When there are things you never intended to do, but somehow you find yourself being pushed to do them; when you find yourself in a 'dry place'- not being able to understand what is happening though you can sense that something is off and a certain knowledge is eluding you. There are "controlling forces" that want to take advantage of your ignorance of the real battle. (Ephesians 6:12). 

The devil has various tactics and antics to enforce control. He can prey on your innocence, ignorance, simplicity, trust. And he can use anything and ANYONE to gain access to you. You begin to live in a 'false reality", where you "think" that your thoughts are yours, when there really aren't. You start to act out of character and behave in ways that are outside who you are. In most cases, those that knew you before may notice it and start to back off, ( this is also a hint to recognize that you have changed). As time goes on, it wears you out if not intervened, eventually it'll lead to your destruction.

Whoever gets into your head, has got you. They can make you go places you would not go, make you do things you would not do, because they've got you by your head. They can disguise this in such a way that they will try as much as possible not to offend you for fear of your natural response to kick in. ( Galatians 1 vs 7 b)

"The weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God for the pulling down of strong holds, casting down imaginations and every high thing that exalteth itself against the "knowledge of God".

"For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against  principalities, against powers, against the rulers of darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

When the devil gets ready to destroy a family, he goes for the head (The man), because he knows that if he gets the head, the woman will be uncovered. She will have to work herself to death trying to cover what she wouldn't have had to do had the man been there (present in mind). His heart maybe beating, but his HEAD is dead. So he goes through life, stumbling through decisions and consequently, that family will fall apart.

" Every time you find your spirit not embracing the truth of life (the knowledge of God and his word), know that there is a strange influence trying to tear down your destiny."

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Where there is a struggle, there is a battle. Be it in your mind, emotion,Will, Spirit etc. You must cast every influence that is stronger than your Will with the Word of God; SPEAK to it for God has given you the power against unclean spirits. Hold on to what is right, no matter how lazy you feel about doing it or how difficult it may seem to follow through. What you are saying to yourself, determines whether you are going to win or loose.

It is with our MIND that we serve God. The devil is not fighting you over your feelings, he is fighting you over your HEAD. Get your heart out of the way of your head. How many times has your heart led you back into danger? Where your head knew what to do, but your heart (emotions) pulled you in the opposite direction. Confront your emotions to align with what you know about the word of God regardless of what your reality is or how you may be "feeling". 

Your feeling has nothing to do with what you "know'. The enemy is not interested in how you feel, We cannot afford to have a heart experience in a head fight. You must respond to his attack with Facts. Most times, your feelings will not line up with the facts. 

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The enemy is trying to convince you that you do not have all the things that God has given you.
Our ignorance can cost us our destiny, our life and our Victory. Get rid of mundane, childish feelings that are sabotages to your destiny. Your feelings will never co-operate with your dreams, because it always feels difficult in the beginning, but when we forge ahead regardless, KNOWING that we are created for a divine purpose. We will overcome every challenge and obstacle in our way (The violent taketh it by FORCE!)

Have a superiority complex against and over controlling spirits, to be able to see them as things you can handle. You need a sense of superiority so as to enhance your exercise of authority over lusts of the flesh. Pray fervently, sing praises for we are in a battle front and only the strong will survive.

I was privileged to attend a service four years ago that changed my life forever, and God led me to the notebook where I had jotted down what was preached just when I needed it most a few days ago. 
I am going to share what was prayed in that service and it is my sincere prayer and desire that God will work through this words in your life. 

If this post has struck a cord in your life, I encourage you to SPEAK these words out loud and pray over your life. The Power resides in your tongue (what you say). Read this passage to gain understanding before you say this prayer. Ephesians 2 vs 1-3

Looking up into the atmosphere say this prayer:

"Jesus Christ has given me power against unclean spirits. prince of the air hear my voice. I am not subject to your authority. Your influence will no longer find access to my life, nor my flesh nor my mind. No! No more." Amen !

Read these passages then pray: 
* Ephesians 6 vs 12 - 19

* 1 John 2 vs 15, 5 vs 19, 3 vs 6

* Colossians 4 vs 2

No matter how far gone you think you have veered off course,God can and will bring you back to where you ought to be, A path that is in line with your purpose and to fulfill your destiny.

The Bible says "Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free". God has set you free and no devil in hell can change that FACT!.

The devil is not about to give up, neither should you. No matter what, you must be ready at all times to regain your turf. God says that He will restore to us all that we have lost. So we must be on guard that we do not become weary because it is a CONSTANT battle to gain control of our lives, beginning from our HEAD.

COVER YOUR HEAD with the word of God. You've got this!

God bless you!

Yours truly,


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