Road to Self Discovery [Part 2]

If you haven't read the part 1 of this post,Here it is Part 1 .

I will just jump right into it.
After seeing the number of page views on the Part 1 of this post, it got me excited. We are all very similar ( whether we like to admit it or not); we are seeking for answers, solutions, a way out...
Just something, anything that can give us some kind of clarity to the uncertainties and silent struggles that we face daily.

To this I say, " Thank you God for Jesus", (For those of us who are Christians).
I confidently urge you to seek God and surrender without any doubts or reservations to his will. This is your first step to greatness!

Here is what I mean...

The moment you discover your purpose, you will realize that it is tied to your destiny in life, who better to go to than the Source (God Almighty); discovering your purpose/self may take a whole lifetime, and some may never find it. Until we go back to the source- which is God, all we will have is just a faint idea of what we " THINK" may be our purpose in life.

Personally, I am still growing in my faith... there's been ups and downs but i'm holding on. I am no "preacher", i'm just a firm BELIEVER that without GOD , there is little or nothing we can do about discovering who we are and/or what our purpose is on earth.

So before you start brainstorming on how to pin-point your talents and gifts, go first to the one who gives these things to us freely. Only then will you truly find satisfaction in whatsoever you find to be your passion, gifts, talents...

If I may quote the scriptures " The blessing (gift) of the lord maketh rich and added no sorrows"...

Whatever God has given you as a gift or talent, it is designed to make you rich- ( this may be in wealth and or wisdom, or in bringing others to God, blessing others etc).

So go NOW, stop whatever you're doing and speak to your Father and he will ROAR in response to hearing from His beloved child. please do not hesitate, say this prayer believing that He is listening.

My Father,
Thank you for your constant Love, Mercy and Grace
Forgive me of all my sins, and help me stay away from it
that as the days go by, I will come to know you more and more
I come to you as a child, asking that you come into my life
help me to know you better, that I may know the gifts that you have given me
touch my heart, touch my life...I surrender all to you
Convict my spirit to yearn for the things above
that in the end, you will embrace me
and welcome me home
where I will be you for eternity
This I ask in name that is above every other name, the name of JESUS. Amen!

God will NEVER, EVER let you down. I dare you to let go of all your worries and live in peace and total surrender and watch Him uphold his word concerning your life.


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