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The understanding of the human mind is very limited. To many, the only things  considered real are the ones we can see. What we know and how much we understand and can interpret things is as far as it goes.
Let me take a minute to attempt to explain the miracle of conception and birth. We were all formed from the union of divine specimen ( divine because no one can explain why it is so) and we grew over a period of time in a sack (womb) filled with water. Now after which if put in water when born longer than necessary we die.

How do you explain this?

The world was pre-created before we were born, no one (Human) helped God in creating the world, we only live in it as sons and daughters of God. Remember when God said lets make man in our own image and likeness- hence the creation of the world.

I speak confidently about God because I believe there is a higher power that we are all connected to when we BELIEVE with no reservation.
This is only possible when we have emptied ourselves of the deposits that have come from being IN the world, when we are not OF the world. If we embrace God (the Holy Spirit- God created the world by sending out the Spirit of God, read the book of Genesis) totally in full surrender, and humility, then He will begin to show us those things we cannot see with our physical eyes, granting us the insight and understanding of Himself and the purpose for which He created us.

When we come to the place of Understanding of Who God is which is granted to us through the gift of the spirit of wisdom and revelation ( pray for this), He will open our eyes to see the things that he has placed in our hearts and will serve as a guide so that we may walk according to His WILL for our lives; and in the end we will return home fulfilled and qualified to receive our heavenly reward which awaits every believer ( born again christian).

Born into Sin, we were lost, which is the reason why JESUS came to the world so that He may redeem us and bring us back to our heavenly Father, also to bridge the gap that separated us from God.

- LOST is when you're working but have no satisfaction
- LOST is not knowing what to do, or who to turn to
-LOST is trying different things and not having any work out because you didn't know what you were supposed to do in the first place
-LOST is that feeling of emptiness, having no specific direction or pattern
-LOST is misused gifts and talents that leave us unfulfilled and still searching for rest
-LOST is years of trial and error with no specific purpose
-LOST is the silent mental battle we fight to convince ourselves we are OK when deep inside we know we're not.

If you are feeling LOST, and know deep down inside of you, that something is not right, its TIME to come back home to your Father, like the prodigal son, after he REALIZED that his life was not going how it was supposed to be, He DECIDED to come back home. We can only do this through JESUS our gateway to the Father.

This will (may) cost you some comfort, some friends even some money.
Because when you have made the decision to turn away from everything else, not everyone or everything around you will be in agreement with you.
It is going to be a struggle, a battle that we can only win if we are determined to reach our set destination which is our Father in Heaven.

You must  be armed with the word of God and dangerous in the Spirit ( be ready to fight off every desire to stop or  distract u).
If you have made this decision already, I encourage you to keep pressing through with  prayer and fasting asking God to lead you home.
If you are just making this decision, be encouraged God sees your heart and is waiting to receive you with open arms. 
Begin the process, make the decision today. TIME is the most valuable currency on earth do not waste it.
Let us all begin the journey to go back home together through JESUS CHRIST our lord.

May God lead us and answer every heart calling out to Him in JESUS Name. Amen


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