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Waking up slowly, she blinked herself to consciousness.
Laura, while still on her bed had vivid flashes on her life rushing through her mind.
She slowly pulled her self off the bed.
" I've been through so much, she thought to herself. I don't know what else to do. nobody seems to understand."
As she knelt down to say her prayers, all she found her self saying was, " God please help me, I don't know what else to do. Have mercy on me and give me the grace to make it through".

When we are burdened with the weight of uncertainty and the feeling of being lost because things are not just working out, it becomes more difficult to remain at peace and be focused. Worst case, when we do not know what to do, or why 'bad' things or not so good things keep happening each time we try to do something - keeping a job gets more challenging, running a successful business proves almost impossible or maybe even not knowing what exactly it is we are supposed to be doing ( Read road-to-self-discovery-part-1 and part-2 ) . It becomes even more chaotic.

Until our true calling begins to show forth, we will remain pregnant with our dreams, and like every pregnancy- it takes time for the baby (gift, dreams, purpose) to grow. some may take longer than others and this is up to God to decide.

We may think we are ready but there may be some character traits God still wants to change in us before we go out there; it may be that negative attitude we can't seem to let go, uncontrollable anger, lack of patience, foul language etc ... the list goes on and on.

The important thing is to be pregnant with something ( dream, talent etc). God is working to get us prepared to handle these gifts/dreams he has placed in our hearts. - He is giving us the beauty treatment.

So let go of pride, and see the blessing in the scars.
The more we overcome by His grace, the stronger we become in the race.

Remain blessed.

Yours Truly,


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