The fear of Uncertainty

Life doesn't always give us what we want. In most cases, it takes us in the opposite direction of where we are trying to go. 
The question is, what do you do when you're on a path you did not ask for and was not ready to tread?.

The thing with sudden and unexpected changes is, no body really wants to leave their comfort zone (even though we know that's where great things happen). We just don't want to stay out in an unfamiliar space for too long, and in the worst case, be dealing with an unfamiliar situation, in a particularly tough and  under unfamiliar circumstances.  I call it, "The fear of uncertainty".

NOT knowing what is going to happen next is a daunting place to be, especially if you like to KNOW  ahead of time and you are someone who likes to plan and be prepared for things so you know what moves you need to make to avoid unpleasant situations. 
See, life is funny because nobody really knows what is going to happen next, we all live with the hope that it wont be us trying to survive what life throws out, in which often times are not very pleasant.

So everyone is walking around trying to dodge hardships and unplanned/unpleasant situations. When in fact these things are there to prune us.

To be thrown into an unexpected derailing situation in the middle of a thriving life or familiar process is HARD, You are forced to change EVERYTHING you knew and how you handle things.
There may (will be) a time of deep depression, you realize that it is at that point that you will MEET yourself for the first time. Who you are, what you are made of, what you believe in, who your true friends are and how strong your family ties really are. In other words, its a scary place to be!

The thing is, no body really knows what they're supposed to do in such situations. So at that moment, you are justified in your confusion ( for a little while), because soon enough, you will have to pull yourself together and take the first step of faith towards managing the new phase of your life and hopefully make it out without scaring your self to the point where you are not permanently damaged. Because this too can be part of the result when trying to re-start your life.

1. Have you ever lost a baby or a child?
2. Have you lost your job in the middle of a financial crisis with mounting bills to pay?
3. Has your marriage suddenly taken a wrong turn and now you are alone with a child (children) to take care of all by yourself?
4. Have you survived a ghastly accident that left you bedridden or in a wheel chair with hospital bills that you have no idea how you are going to pay off?
5. Have you suddenly been diagnosed with a life threatening disease or illness?
6. Have you lost a close family member unexpectedly and the responsibility of 'taking care' of things falls right into your lap?
7. Have you been kicked out of your home because you could no longer pay the rent and you have a family to shelter and cater for?
8. Have you lost your spouse unexpectedly? and now you have to deal with the demands of your in-laws and have kids you have to cater for?
9. Has your business crashed and you lost everything you have worked so hard for years to build?
10. Are you in your late 30's or 40's and you still do not have anything to show for all the years you have lived?, Still trying to get a decent job, or hoping to find a life partner?, or trying to have kids after years of marriage?, or struggling financially because you never have enough to take care of things they way you ought to?, you find that your peers have excelled beyond you and you are still where they left you? and in all of this, you do not know what else to do because you feel like you have tried everything.

If you can find yourself in any of these situations, you are the one I am talking to right now. I want to tell you that the predicament you are in right now does not define who you are or your destiny. God uses these situations to not only mold us, but to draw us closer to himself. There is nothing you are going through that has taken God by surprise, NOTHING!

Yes!, it is tough, yes! you feel alone, and yes! sometimes it is embarrassing. All of these things are tools that God uses to shape us.

I want to encourage and motivate you to keep on going. DO what you know to do and leave the rest to God, he will use what you have left to turn your story around. I am not saying this will happen overnight, because it is a process and good things takes time. All I am asking is that you Hold on! Take it one day at a time, some days may be better than others, but in all be assured that he will never leave nor forsake you. He will preserve you and will never let your lamp run out of burning oil.

How do i know and how i'm i sure of all these? it is because i am a living testimony of someone who lost everything unexpectedly with no where to go and no money in the bank, yet God saved me in the way only he can, He has brought me through situations i felt were hopeless and I had never gone a day without something to eat of where to sleep.

It does something to the way you think when you have survived situations that seemed hopeless at the time. You begin to see life differently and you KNOW that things will get better with time.

Let the motto of your life be : No matter what happens ( to you or in your life), you will come back swinging. Swinging with hope, swinging with faith, swinging with the CERTAINTY that you will make it out alive and even better than you were, swinging with the knowledge that GOD is always there to pull you through when you put your trust in him.

Take everyday as a class, a learning opportunity to better yourself and sharpen your determination to succeed against all odds.

One thing i am CERTAIN of is, No matter what you may be going through, GOD will never leave you without hope and help to pull through, it does not matter how long it takes, You will make it through and in the end, when you look back, you will be thankful for the tough times, for had they not happened, you may never have made it to where you are right now.

Stay strong!


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