Thy Will be done

"Thy Will be done ", These words have become so real to me.

For the first 20+ years of my life, I never really gave my life any serious thought ( the irresponsibility of ignorance), I lived with such careless abandon, stumbled through bad decisions and failed attempts at figuring out what my life was all about, I walked through days  unsure of what I was going to do with my life most of the time.

I sensed that I had something of value, however I was unsure of what it was and how to access it. I remember crying profusely wondering why things were not lining up for me the way I "thought" they should. 
I was alive but was not living. I fell into the routine of life as expected - go to school, get a degree, get a job, settle down, grow old, die. But somewhere in this lineup I knew there were some items missing ,which was "become who God created you to be","impact lives", "be great".

This is where a lot of people miss the mark because the world has created an acceptable cycle of life and has imposed it on every one, which is why most people believe that the measure of success is the amount of wealth you can acquire. Your wealth is only a reflection of Gods goodness upon your life being manifested in the physical. True wealth lies in living a purposeful life as revealed in our spirit through the "knowing"  (The conviction of the knowledge for direction and guidance). Sadly, not many people have found out what it is that they are supposed to be doing with their lives or how to go about it.

The thing is, God does not work in ways that we expect or believe are normal. The chaos in our lives most times are in order for what God is planning to do in our lives and how intends to do it. So we must quit trying to understand and simply believe that He will order our steps and guide our paths, There is no experience that is wasted with God, because he can use your mistakes to give you direction, your bad decisions for revelations and wrong choices for understanding. God will bless you through challenging situations and sustain you tough times. Rarely do you see people dying from struggles or challenging times, because though you may be "suffering", the spirit of God in you sustains you with hope for a better future. So we must key into every problem with the understanding that God may be using it to either change us or to re-route us. So we must be open to the change and pray for His will to be done in our lives.

God will always hold up his end of the process, we must also hold up ours because this is a relationship and it takes two committed parties for things to work out. By this I mean, we have to present ourselves available for change and be patient through the process praying and believing that the thoughts he has for us are of good and not of evil to bring us to an expected end while diligently moving progressively towards the goal of surviving the challenge and becoming a better person by it.

The Will of God is powerful with the intention to give us only the best. As a loving Father, He wants us to live our best lives doing what we were created to do. His will will never lead us to destruction or confusion, so when we notice this, it is time to 'be "STILL and KNOW" that He is God, because He will show up right in the middle of the storm and give you peace beyond human understanding. (The peace that comes with the revelation of who God is and what He is able to do despite the Storm that may be going on in your life).

It took me a long time to arrive at this level of understanding, due to the fact that for a long time I lived as a true citizen of the world and its processes without the knowledge of its consequences. Life comprises of the knowledge of the truth -God's Word which brings light and understanding and the deceptive reality that comes from Ignorance.

So until you genuinely STOP and begin to assess yourself and your life with the motive of understanding why certain things happen the way the do and realization that God works in mysterious ways so that you see every challenge as a stepping stone, you will sadly remain stock in ignorance which is the number one culprit for destruction and access by the enemy to afflict and torment our lives for absolutely no reason except to frustrate you out of your God given destiny.

The good news is, God can still use this to turn your life around if you will hold up your side of the "change" process. Majority of defeats and destruction of the children of God comes from ignorance of who they are in Christ and the Conviction that God is able to do the impossible. Because when you are fully armed with this knowledge, challenges will no longer pose like a threat neither can the enemy use fear to distract and depress you why? because you are cocked, loaded and ready to fire.

My charge is this, do not fret when faced with challenges because God can and will use it for your good to His Glory.

So when you are lost and alone remember that you are under the covering of God and his will is to guide you to an expected end.

I must add this, to partake in this sort of blessing, you must first give your life to Christ, confessing you sin to him and accepting Him as your personal Lord and savior, believing that Jesus came and died for your sins that you may be made whole before God, Once you say this simple prayer and begin the journey of living a better life through Christ by the word of God, you will join millions of other Children of God around the world who are living lives ordained and directed by God through his Will and purpose for our lives.

To every challenge, God let thy Will be done.
To every problem, God let thy Will be done.
To every storm, God let thy Will be done.
To whatever difficulty that you may be facing, let the Will of God be done in your life.

Yours truly,


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