Revived: A letter to my Baby

The past couple of weeks has been a hazy manoeuvre of tangled emotions; excitements with a dash of exhaustion, teary laughter and heartbreaking worry. I can say that I have felt the whole spectrum of emotions.
You would think that by now I would be drained and ready to call it a day, Ha! I thought so too.

With every passing day, I am awakened by a rush of Joy, its like ive been hit with a double-decker truck load of mental stability and a relentless desire to keep going.

My body may be tired but Oh! my heart is just warming up and ready to go. With just one look into your eyes and i am revving, charging like a lion ready to roar.

You have brought me to myself, a side I never knew existed; the headstrong, passionate,fearless,confident,laser-focused self I've always wanted to be without any doubts.

Revived! Revived!! That's how I feel.
It took me a few weeks to capture this feeling and attempt to put them into words.

Thank you Baby Zion for being the constant reminder that I have all I need to achieve whatever it is I want to achieve.

This is to say that I will do all I can to keep you happy,safe and proud of me. You will never have to worry because Mom is right here and always ready to make everything Ok!

You are my lucky charm, my world, and Oh! My heart. As I watch you sleep now, I cant help but get teary-eyed. Heaven has sent an angel to save me, God bless you my Baby.

Born 9:12:14

You Rock!!!



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