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Unlocking your full potential

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I started this blog mainly to share my experiences and life journey and hopefully offer some kind of guidance, and maybe inspire people that may be going through similar challenges as me. So far, I believe I have established the fact that God has been and still is my everything.

Over, the years, I have struggled with trying to find myself and just really beginning to be all that I was born to be.
Through it all, one thing has been a constant; I love to inspire and motivate people especially young people to make something of their lives.
I have worked with young people/women on empowerment, self-awareness, nurturing small business ideas etc and ultimately motivating them to becoming effective members of society via various projects and programmes.

This brings me to the core of this post, which is Education. 
As a child, I remember how my parents made sure we were in school, it was not always easy. There were times when you may not have everything you needed for school, but they did all they could to ensure that we had the required basic education.

I realize now that without those sacrifices and the constant reminder from my dad for us to take our studies seriously, It would have been almost impossible to achieve all that I have been able to achieve and even be motivated enough to aspire for more, In-fact, I would not be here now writing this post.
Obviously, there is the God factor, but we must also play our part.

As someone who is constantly seeking to add value to my life and the life of others, i find it imperative to learn something new as often as possible, I believe that to unlock our full potential we must be open to learning new things, new methods of doing things, and this can only be achievable if we have the backing of proper education.

To keep this post short, I want to share that I am working on a new project in education and hopefully this will inspire other people to get involved in the lives of young people in their community.


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