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Work, Life Balance tips

After 2 months of being married, the one thing that i have not had enough of is 'TIME. I find myself still having A LOT to do even after the day is over. 
Being a young married woman with dreams, goals and ambition and planning to start a family, it seems impossible to achieve all this and still be sane...Talk about multitasking on overdrive. 

Balancing your personal life with work is not the easiest thing to do and it requires more than just 'Luck and Strength' we need HELP, lots of it.

So If you're finding it more challenging than ever to juggle the demands of your job and the rest of your life, you're not alone.

This brings me to tip number 1

* Focus your time on the things you can control: schedule time to spend with your family and friends. this will help you recharge- go on a date with your spouse or just a simple dinner with friends will boost your energy and help clear up your head.

Tip Number 2

* Don't waste your time on people/things that add no value to you or your work, these are energy sappers and will leave you gasping for air. focus more on productivity, you will realize that you feel better when you've achieved something you have been working on.

Tip Number 3
* Rethink your errands ( To- do list): I have a book where i write down the things i need to do in order of priority, being someone that loves to get things done quickly and on time, i tend to wear my self out because i'm trying to get everything done. Now i know that  if it can wait- let it wait. Do not try to do everything, you will push yourself to a breaking point.
Do tasks that a mostly time bound and delegate the rest.

Tip Number 4

* Keep Moving: it is very difficult to set aside time to do any kind of exercise when you have a very tight schedule. I try to workout at least 2 - 3 times a week ( i wake up early for a quick cardio). This ultimately helps me stay alert and boosts my energy level.

Tip Number 5

Take time out to relax. sounds impossible when you have so much to do, but a little relaxation goes a long way. this will help clear your mind. Do the thinks you enjoy, like listening to music, take a long bath etc

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